Some companies offer "bronze" sinks, which are actually made from a bronze resin made to look authentic. The bronze resin technique involves mixing bronze powder with epoxy resin, and adding several chemicals to fill and color the sink as it is cast in a mold. Polaris bronze sinks contain no paints, resins or fillers.

Our bronze sinks are created by pouring molten bronze into complex molds created out of wax and liquid ceramic. Once the bronze is set, the ceramic mold is cracked to reveal the new bronze sink. It is then polished and coated with a patina finish which is baked in.

Bronze will darken over time and possesses the thermal conduction properties of copper. Some bronze Polaris sinks are offered with an "aged patina" which is darker than the "antique patina" found on most of our sinks. The patina will continue to change the look of the bronze over time and helps define the shape and details of each sink.