Copper is a metal which changes and evolves with time as it reacts with the environment. While a new copper sink will add beauty and style to any decor, the natural oxidization process, or patina, requires some maintenance.
General Care and Cleaning
The best way to clean a copper sink is with a solution of mild soap and water, followed by a wipe-down with a soft cloth. Avoid using copper cleaners on your sink as they can be abrasive; scratching the surface and distorting the patina.
Hard Water
If you have hard water, you will want to keep your copper sink clean and dry to avoid water spots. Clean it regularly with a mild cleanser and wipe it dry with a soft cloth after each use.
To help protect your copper sink from hard water mineral damage, periodically apply a wax such as Renaissance Wax®. This will help maintain the luster of your sink, however, the use of wax will temporarily stop the development of the natural patina.
Acidic Foods
DO NOT leave acidic foods such as oranges, lemons, vinegar, pineapple or tomatoes sitting in a copper sink. Contact with acidic foods could cause shiny spots or discoloration in the sink. Simply clean the area with soap and water if contact occurs. Over time, the patina will recover and the spot will blend into the sink. To avoid this reaction, run water in the sink while working with acid-based foods and clean immediately afterward.