Bronze is a metal alloy composed primarily of copper and tin with traces of some other metals. Each of our bronze sinks comes with a beautifully aged patina baked into it, but it will continue to oxidize as time passes creating an ever-changing antique appearance. Some routine care is required.
General Care and Cleaning
A bronze sink can be cleaned with a solution of any common mild detergent and water; then wiped dry with a soft cloth. Harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives should be avoided.
Water Spots
Residual water can not only leave spots, but it can damage the patina finish of a bronze sink if left for long periods of time. If you have hard water, the bowl should be wiped down with a soft cloth after use. A heavy solution of water softener and hot water can also be applied with a cloth and then dried to reduce spots.
We do not recommend polishing a bronze patina sink. Using a polish, abrasives or vigorous scrubbing can strip off the hand-rubbed finish.
Applying a thin coat of clear wax, such as Johnson's Clear Paste Wax, every one to three months can help protect the sink against water spots and help to retain its luster. However, the use of wax will temporarily stop the development of the natural patina.