General Care and Cleaning

Porcelain can be cleaned regularly with a mild cleanser, warm water and a clean soft cloth or sponge. Simple oversights such as letting soap or toothpaste dry on the sink can stain the finish.

To sanitize porcelain a mild chlorine-bleach cleaner such as Soft Scrub®┬ácan be used. Rinse immediately after use and dry. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Another option is to let the sink soak in a bleach solution (approximately one part bleach/three parts water) for thirty minutes to an hour; then drain, rinse well, and dry.

For superficial scuff marks (gray lines in the surface), apply a paste of baking soda and water with a gentle sponge. Rinse thoroughly and dry. A polishing cleanser will also remove stains without scratching. Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions.
Porcelain is very durable, but dropping heavy objects on it can chip the surface. Even the smallest chip will leave the area rough and susceptible to stains and germs. Be sure to keep the location clean and dry. For repairs consult your local plumber.
Life can be brought back to a porcelain sink finish by pouring some vinegar straight from the bottle into the sink bowl. Using a nylon brush, scrub the surface with the vinegar, rinse thoroughly, and enjoy the revitalized like-new finish.