Polaris stainless steel sinks are made from 304-grade steel and our USA Made sinks are made from 300-series stainless steel. The chemical properties, composition, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of these premier grades of steel provide the best all-around performance at relatively low costs for both sink lines.

Most Polaris stainless steel sinks are made by rolling out a sheet of cut steel and laying it over a die. The die is then pressed to cut out the shape of the sink. Our 90-degree sinks are made by welding the seams of one solid sheet of stainless steel together. All four sides of the specially cut piece of steel are folded upward and joined together to form the 90-degree corners.

All of our stainless steel sinks come fully insulated with a sprayed-on barrier coating which prevents dripping and condensation buildup on the sink exterior. If condensation were to build up in your sink cabinet, mold and allergens could develop and become a serious health risk. Another means of insulating are the sound dampening pads added to our stainless steel sinks which minimize the “tin” sound heard when water is running or dripping.

Our stainless steel sinks are available in 16, 18, or 20-gauge steel depending on the model. 16-gauge is 25% thicker than industry standard 18-gauge. 20-gauge is an economical alternative. All stainless steel sinks have a brushed finish which helps conceal small scratches that may occur over time.