Polaris natural stone sinks bring a touch of the rustic outdoors into the bath. These vessels sinks make a stunning visual statement while providing plenty of functionality and durability. Each basin is unique in its cut and colorings.

Our granite sink line offers numerous colors and patterns to choose from. Granite is very durable and highly resistant to chipping, staining and scratching. Marble has been used in elegant settings for thousands of years and creates a timeless look with a sleek finish. Our marble sinks will not be affected by high heat or moisture, but because they are more porous than other stones, some staining is possible. The Polaris onyx sinks are a type of translucent marble and are carved from the raw stone with no fillers. They have a smooth, porous surface and a somewhat lower density than granite. Sandstone sinks have a matte finish and a unique wooden-like pattern. These sinks have a high variance in color and some slabs of sandstone even feature fossils embedded in the surface.

The construction of a Polaris stone sink begins when a large slab of stone is cut into smaller blocks approximately the size of the desired sink. Each block is hand-chiseled to form the general shape of a bowl. Once the center has been removed and the drain hole is cut, the roughly-shaped bowl is hand-polished to create a splendid stone sink.